OCD - Characteristics

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  • Characteristics
    • Cognitive
      • Obsessive thoughts
        • About 90% of sufferers, the major feature is obsessive thoughts, ie. thoughts that recur over and over again.
      • Insight into excessive anxiety
        • Sufferers are aware that their compulsions and obsessions are not rational. However, they are still compelled to act on their obsessions.
    • Behavioural
      • Compulsive behaviour
        • Compulsions are repetitive
          • Typical sufferers feel compelled to repeat a behaviour.
        • Compulsions reduce anxiety
          • Around 10% show compulsive behaviour alone - they have no obsessions, just a general sense of irrational anxiety.
            • However, most are performed in an attempt to manage the anxiety produced by obsessions.
      • Avoidance
        • Sufferers try to manage their OCD by avoiding situations that cause anxiety.
    • Emotional
      • Anxiety & distress
        • The urge to repeat a behaviour creates anxiety.
      • Depression


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