Moral and immoral occupations

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  • Occupations
    • Moral
      • The work we do is part of the way we worship God. Choose a job pleasing to God, e.g. within the church, e.g. priests, vicars, secretaries
      • God made humans to be like him-> important to be productive+ creative. Farming- making things people need- Jesus was a carpenter.
      • Jobs involve caring for people fit in well with J's command to 'love thy neighbour', e.g. working in hospitals, schools, social work
    • Immoral
      • RC
        • Warns against the love of money. The individuals shouldn't try and get the highest paid possible, but think of the type of work they're doing. Companies shouldn't solely focus on profit.
        • Catechism 2448
          • It's part of our nature to work
          • Everyone should be able to draw from work the means of providing for his life and that of his family and of serving the human community
        • Wrong to exploit others- means not working for companies that use child labour, e.g. Nike and Gap. Paying fare wages to employees
        • Catechism 2272
          • Against abortion-> abortionists immoral
      • The Bible doesn't list moral+ immoral occupations, but gives teachings that help us determine. E.g. Exodus 22:25- against usury+ lending-> working in a bank is immoral
      • Occupations that don't fulfill J's teaching "Love thy neighbour"+ Genesis 1 (image of God-> 1 Corinthians 6:19- sacred)-> making+ distribution of ****
      • Occupations should be fulfilling- would be against jobs that dehumanise people- John 10:10-> call centres


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