Language and Occupation

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  • Occupation
    • Face
      • …is the public self-image of a person, it is the emotional and social image of ourselves that we present to everyone else. Goffman called this FACE.
      • Positive face - our desire to be accepted and liked Negative face - our  wish to have freedom and independence
      • Face Threatening Acts - obvious examples include insults or expressions of disapprovals
    • Discourse Community
    • Phatic Talk
      • Koester argued that as well as specialist lexis social interaction is vital in the workplace - small talk
    • Community of Practice
      • A group of people who understand beliefs etc due to meeting regularly
    • Power
      • Instrumental - authority Influential - persuasion Political - workers backed by law Social - social variables Personal - head teacher over teachers
    • Accommodation Theory
      • Upward Div - posher Downwards Div - common Convergence - same
    • Inferential Framework
      • certain assumptions within the community about how people should think, communicate and behave


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