Observation Evaulation

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  • Observations Evaluation
    • + Naturalistic have higher Eco Valid as they are in a real setting.
    • - Naturalistic lack reliability as real life situations are hard to replicate.
    • - Covert has ethical issues as pps. do now know they are being observed and cannot give consent.
    • + Covert do not suffer DC as they do not know they are being observed.
    • - Overt pps. know they are being observed, may behave unnaturally = high DC
    • + Pps. observations gather more detailed info as research is part of group.
    • + Non-pps. observations increase objectivity.
    • - Controlled has controlled variables = can establish cause and effect = increase reliability.
    • - Controlled: children may work out aim - higher DC.
    • + Structured high in reliability = clear categories to record behaviour.


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