OCR AS Chemistry Salters B - Amount of Substance

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  • Amount of Substance
    • Avagadros' Constant
      • 6.02 x 10^23
      • tells you the number of particles in 1 mole of a substance
    • Relative Atomic Mass (Ar)
      • tells you the number of times an atom of an element is heavier than one twelth of Carbon-12
      • it is the weighted average of the relative isotopic masses for an element (therefore are not always whole numbers)
      • is the average mass of 100 atoms of the same element
    • Relative Formula Mass (Mr)
      • the sum of the Relative Atomic Masses for each atom in a formula
    • Empirical Formula
      • tells you the simplest ratio of each element in a compound
      • 1- divide the mass of each element by its relative atomic mass
      • 2- divide these answers by the smallest answer you obtained in step 1
      • 3- this will give you a 1:? ratio
    • Molecular Formula
      • tells you the actual number of atoms of each element in a molecule


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