Observational techniques

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  • Observational techniques
    • Controlled
      • Set up a situation & observe
      • Poor EV
      • Good control
    • Participant
      • Researcher joins group they're observing
      • Inside view
      • Observer bias influenced by expectations
    • Naturalistic
      • In a natural setting without interference
      • Good EV
      • No control over extraneous variables
      • Might not get the behaviour hoped for
    • Covert
      • RP's don't know they're being observed
      • Behaviour will be more natural
      • Ethical issues like consent
    • Behaviour Categories
      • Should be objective, mutually exclusive, include all possible behaviours
      • Time sampling
        • Record every so often
      • Event sampling
        • Record every time the behaviour occurs
    • Overt
      • RP's know they're being observed


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