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  • Observational Research
    • Used to investigate affects of play and attachment types.
      • E.g. carers being observed playing with children.
    • Can be 'Controlled'
      • Pps. studied in a room outside natural setting.
        • E.g. Ainsworth study observing childrens reactions to being left alone.
    • Can be 'Naturalistic'
      • Pps. in their natural setting.
    • Can be 'Unstructured'
      • Records everything that is seen.
      • Generate quantitative data.
    • Can be 'Structured'
      • Categories used to record behaviour.
        • Often in lab setting observed through one way mirror such as Ainsworth.
      • Generate quantitative data.
    • Can be 'Covert'
      • Pps. do not know they are being observed.
    • Can be 'Overt'
      • Pps. know they are being observed.
    • 'Participant Observation'
      • Researcher is part of the study.
    • 'Non-participant'
      • Researcher is not part of the study, watches from outside group.


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