objections based on existence

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  • Objections based on existence as a predicate of God
    • KANT
      • There is no contradiction in dismissing both subject and its predicates
        • i.e. dismiss the idea of both the three angles and the triangle
        • it is therefore possible to dismiss the concept of God and His existence
      • Existence is not a real predicate
        • it does not add anything to our understanding of a thing
        • E.g. the concept of a hundred silver coins does not contain more than just a concept
        • A predicate must give us information about something
          • it is a quality that something has or lacks
          • But "exists" does not tell us anything about the object or individual
    • Ontological Argument says ...
      • Both Anselm and Descartes OA rely on "existence" being a predicate
      • The predicate "existence" cannot be seperated from the idea of "God"
      • would be contradictory to claim that God does not exist
      • the OA uses the word "exists" incorrectly
      • existence is not a real predicate
      • existence is a term used to indicate the instance of concepts in the physical world
    • DAVIS
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