Obesity - Pacific Islands

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  • Obesity - Pacific Islands
    • Causes
      • Exchange canoes for cars
      • Biggest are most attractive
      • Do not take advantage of health care
      • Limited medical healthcare-transport to and from the island costly and time consuming
      • Herediatary
      • Average 20-39 male 8,700 calories a day
      • Not a lot of money for rural health
      • Different work - moved from farming to modern (not physical)
      • Social status
      • Dependant on high in fat imported foods
    • Effects
      • Tonga -  weight loss programmes annually between 1995 and 2002 - prizes given and local media involvement
      • Need of healthier diet using local food to benefit the economy as well as themselves.
      • Diabetes - only takes 20 years to appear in populations that adopt a high calorie diet and lack of excersise
    • Responses
      • WHO- comprehensive and effective clinical programmes and education - essential in tackling the problem
      • WHO - must be addressed through public health policy - promote healthy food and physical activity


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