Explaining Obedience

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  • Obedience Explanations
    • Personal Responsibility
      • Agentic State
        • Individual is an agent of authority figure
          • High obedience levels
            • Milgram eg. When peer administered shock and when prompted by figure
          • Less sense of personal responsability
      • Autonomous State
        • Individual is in control of own behaviour
          • Low levels of obedience
            • Milgram eg. When experimenter left room
          • Feels responsible for consequences of behaviours
    • Social Norms
      • Milgram Study Example
        • Participant volunteered and received payment
          • Like signing a social contract
            • Feel obliged to complete experiment
              • Gradual commitment of 15V steps
                • When does the participant stop when started?
              • Disobeying experimenter in charge would be inpolite
    • Legitimacy of Authority
      • Socially Obedient Environments
        • Can obey authority as we can trust them, and they may punish us
        • Justification
          • Being part of scientific experiment justifies obedience
        • Location
          • More prestigious location aids justification
        • EG. Milgram
          • Volunteered into and paid for experiment participation
        • Clothing
          • Figure in white coat or uniform seen as more legitimate
    • Authoritarian Personality
      • Hostility to those of lower status
        • Respect for those of higher status
      • Results from harsh parenting
      • Measured through self-report methods (questionnaire)
        • Unreliable


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