Obedience (Milgram)

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  • Obedience (Milgram)
    • Procedure
      • 40 male volunteers were told it was a study about how punishment affects learning
      • a draw took place (which was rigged), the real participant was assigned the role of 'teacher' and the learner was a confederate
      • the shocks began at 15 volts and increased in increments of 15 volts to a max 450 volts
      • the teacher's job was to administrate a learning task and deliver 'electric shocks' to the learner (in another room) if he got a question wrong
      • the teacher was given a mild shock to show machines were real
        • shocks given to the learner were NOT real
    • Findings
      • all participants went to at least 300 volts
        • only 12.5% stopped at this point
      • 65% of participants continued to 450 volts, showing high levels of obedience
    • Variations
      • location moved to a run down office - 48% administered max 450volts
      • teacher in same room as learner - 40% administered max 450 volts
      • teacher presses learners hand on shock plate - 30% max shock
      • experimenter gives orders over the phone - 21% max shock
      • presence of allies - another 'teacher' refuses to give shock - 10% max shock
    • Evaluation
      • Ethics
        • Deception and lack of informed consent
          • pp's were misled by being told the experiment was about effects of punishment on learning rather than obedience
            • consequently, pp's were denied the right to informed consent
        • Protection from psychological harm
          • Baumrind claimed that Milgram had placed his pp's under great emotional strain - causing psychological damage that could not be justified
            • Milgram argued that post-study interviews found no evidence of such harm
      • demand characteristics
        • Orne and Holland claimed that people have learned to distrust experimenters in psychology - real purpose of experiment is disguised
          • consequently, pp's must have know they were not giving real shocks




i need the chirdd evaluation of milgrims experiment

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