obedience: social psychological factors

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  • obedience: social psychological factors
    • agentic state
      • acting as agent of another
      • feel powerless to disobey
      • moral strain
        • when realising what they are doing is wrong
        • high anxiety
      • feel no personal responsibility
        • believe to be acting on behalf of authority figure
    • autonomous state
      • free to act according to conscious
      • independent/ free
      • sense of responsibility for actions
    • binding factors
      • allow individuals to ignore damaging effects
        • of their obedient behaviour
      • why individuals remain in the agentic state
      • shifting responsibility to the victim
      • denying damage to the victims
    • agentic shift
      • shift from autonomy to agency
      • when a person perceives someone else as a figure of authority
      • this person has greater power
        • because of their position in a social hierarchy
    • legitimacy of authority
      • more likely to obey people who perceive to have authority over us
      • justified by the individuals power within social hierachy
      • legitimate
        • agreed by society
          • = society to run smoothly
      • willing to give up some indepedence
        • hand over some control
          • trust them to exercise authority properly
    • destructive authority
      • can use power for destructive purposes
      • ordering people to behave in a way that is cruel
      • e.g Hitler & experimenter using prods


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