Obedience: Milgram's Research

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  • Obedience: Milgram's Research
    • Milgram 1963 sought to answer the question of why the German population had followed the orders of Hitler in the Holocaust.
  • 40 male ppts through newspaper ads and flyers in the post.
  • Aged 20-50.
  • Offered $4.50 to take part.
  • Confederate Mr Wallace always ended up as the learner, while true ppt was the teacher.
  • Learner strapped in a chair in another room and wired w/electrodes.
    • Procedure
      • Experimenter - dressed in a lab coat, played by an actor. Ppts told they could leave at any time.
      • Teacher required to give learner increased severe electric shock each time learner made mistake.
      • Experimenter used 4 prods to teacher: 'please go on', 'experiment requires you continue', 'essential you continue', 'you have no other choice'.
      • Ad said he was looking for ppts for study on memory.
  • Shock level started at 15 and rose through 30 levels of 450 volts. When teacher got to 300 volts, learner pounded the wall and gave no response to next q.
  • 65% continued to highest level of 450 volts.
  • Ppts showed signs of extreme tension, trembling, groaning, 3 ppts had full blown uncontrollable seizures.
    • No ppt stopped below 300 volts. 12.5% (5 ppts) stopped at 300 volts.
  • All ppts debriefed - assured behaviour was normal
  • 84% glad they participated.


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