Obedience: Milgram

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  • Obedience: Milgram (Baseline Study)
    • Milgram; wanted to answer why german population followed orders of Hitler
      • and why they slaughtered millions of Jews and different social groups in the Holocaust
    • procedure
      • 40 male participants
      • Decieved: "a study of memory"
      • Confederate: Learner and Experiment
        • Learner strapped in chair in another room wired wsith electrodes
      • True participant: Teacher
        • could leave study at any time
        • required to give learner increasingly severe shock each time learner made mistake in learning task
      • Lab Study
      • Shock level start; 15v to 450v
        • when 300v reached learned pounded on wall then gave no response to next question
          • when teacher turned to experiment for guidance, they gave a standard answer
            • "an absence response should be treated as a wrong answer"
              • 4 prods: 1. please continue 2. the experiment requires that you continue 3. it is absolutely essential that you contine 4. you have no other choice, you must go on
    • Findings
      • No participants stopped below 300v
      • 5 participants stopped at 300v
      • 65% continued to 450v
      • Qualitative data: showed signs of extreme tension; sweat, tremble, bite etc
      • 3 had uncontrollable seizures
      • 14 students predicted; no more than 3% would continue to 450v
      • All participants were debriefed; assured behaviour was normal - 84% glad they participated


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