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  • Obedience
    • Explanations for obedience
      • Agentic state
        • Acting as an agent on behalf of the authority figure
        • Diffusal of responsibility
      • Legitimacy of authority
        • The degree to which individuals are seen as justified in having power over others
          • Power and status of authority figure
        • Learned through school and family
    • Situational variables
      • Proximity;      PP and confederate closer together, unable to remove responsibility
        • Confederate and PP in same room; 62.5% > 40%
        • PP forces confederate's   hand onto      plate;    62.5% > 30%
      • Location; obedience rates increase when location adds to percieved legitimacy of authority
        • From office block to abandoned building; 62.5% -> 47.5%
      • Uniform; adds legitimacy so increases obedience
        • Experimenter dressed in ordinary clothes; 62.5% > 20%
    • Authoritarian personality
      • Hostile to people they percieve to be weaker; obey those above;
      • Shaped during childhood with authoritarian parenting
      • Measured using F-scale
      • Obedient PPs scored higher on F-scale than disobedient PPs
      • Self-report technique so social-desirability bias and demand characteristic


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