O Zitt're Nicht

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  • O Zittre Nicht, mein lieber Sohn
    • Melody
      • Recetitive
        • Elements of free tempo and rubato
        • Not as free as a secco recitative, which only has continuo
        • Syllabic
      • Aria
        • Begins conjunct
        • High 'F' represents the Queen's anger
        • Wider tessatura
        • Large conjunct, melismatic passage
          • Used to show off power
          • High tessatura
          • Uses rising sequences and triadic patterns
          • Diatonic
        • Ornaments
          • Turns (bar 67
    • Structure
      • Orchestral introduction
        • Rising in 3rds fanfare
          • Fanfare to represent the Queen
      • Split into an accompanied recitative and an aria
    • Tonality
      • Begins in Bb major
      • Modulates to G minor in aria
        • Key is commonly used by Mozart to represent grief
      • Modulates back to Bb major, when she decides Tamino will go save her daughter
    • Texture
      • Entirely melody dominated homophony
    • Harmony
      • Chromatisicim used to represent anguish
      • At 'Ah Helft' (bar 47) there is a B dim7 chord
      • Chromatic appogitura used in melody bar 76
      • Bassoons and violas descend chromatically in introduction
      • Begins with repeated tonic pedals
      • Ends with repeated perfect cadences
      • Functional harmony
    • Rhythm
      • Begins with syncopated repeated crotchets
        • LINK to Bach 'Ein Feste Burg' which uses tied notes to drive music forward
      • Anger represented in fast scalic passages
      • 'Shivering' semiquavers in violins from bar 36
        • Word painting
          • LINK to Vaughn Williams
        • Represents Pamina shivering/ shaking in fear
      • Tremalo at the end to increase drama
    • Example of Singspiel
    • Sung by a coloratura soprano


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