Nyiragongo,domocratic republic of congo-volcano

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  • Nyiragongo, domocratic republic of congo-january 2002
    • causes
      • fissure opened on the south sideof the volcano and three stems of lava flowed from the volcano
    • responses
      • aid agencies issued food,water,tents, blankets and medical supplies to the area for refugees
    • effects
      • 45 deaths
      • 40% of goma destroyed
      • 220,000 residents fled to rwanda
      • 14 villages destroyed
      • spread of cholera from lack of sanitation
    • nature of hazard and additional info
      • 60km/h lava flow
      • steep sided volcano
      • fissure opened on south flank of volcano
      • stratovolcano
      • erupted 34 times before
      • partly responsable from active  hot spot and rifting of the african plate


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