Nutritional properties

Nutritional properties of; fats, sugars, startches and also proteins

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  • Nutritional properties
    • Starch
      • Thickens a liquid by forming a suspension such as a sauce
      • Suspension- A mixture of two substances, one of which is finely divided throughout the other
      • Forms a gel when the suspension is heated, like adding corn flour to a custard powder and milk mix
    • Sugar
      • Flavours by sweetening
      • Colours by caramelising
      • Aerates when it beaten with a fat such as in a cake mixture
    • Proteins
      • Can coagulate, which is when a liquid becomes firmer. For example when an egg is heated.
      • Can aerate a mixture, like whisking eggs whites is a meringue mixture
    • Fats
      • Shortens pastry ( makes it more crumbly) but makes it less stretchy
      • Can act as an emulsifying agent to stop two liquids from separating
      • Moistens a bake mixture such as a cake


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