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  • Nutrition
    • Macro-nutrients
      • Protien
        • growth and repair
        • almino acids
        • HBV protien
          • Has all essental amino acids present
          • Meat, fish, milk, cheese, eggs and soya beans
        • LBV protien
          • Has only a few of the essental amino acids
          • Beans, lentals, pulses, seeds, nuts and cereals.
          • Complamentary protiens - when two LBV protiens are put together to have all the essental amino acis
            • E.g beans on toast
        • Everyone needs different amounts of protein e.g babies need a lot to help grow
          • Deficency is week growth
      • Carbohydrates
        • To give energy to the body
        • Starch and sugars
        • Found in bread, pasta, rice, wheat, potatoes
        • Not enough = muscle fatigue, low energy levels
        • Too much = a lot stored as fat
      • Fats
        • To keep body warm and main store of energy in the body
        • Saturated fat - unhealthy like butter, lard, fat on meat ect
        • Unsaturated fat - healthy like liquid fats/oil
        • Hydrogenated fat - making liquid fat into solid fat like margirne
        • Too little fat = normal growth will be affected
        • Too much fat = obesity/high cholesterol
    • Micro-nutrients
      • Vitamins
        • Water solouble = B,C
          • B - helps to release energy from carbohydrates.
            • Found in Meat, nuts, leafy green veggies, yeast and dairy prodcuts
          • C - Increases asorbtion of iron and maintains body tissue
            • Found in: fruits esp citris and blackcurrents, veggies like broccoil, potatoes
            • Dificiency = anaemia
        • Fat solouble = A,D,E,K
          • A - needed for night vision, healthy skin and normal growth
            • Found in: oliy fish, liver, marg, cheese, eggs, red + orange + green fruits and veg
            • Dificiency: Night blindness and bad growth
          • D - asorbtion of calcuim into bones + teeth
            • Found in: Butter, marg, cereal,milk, fish, sunlight
            • Dificency: Rickets
          • E - antoxident, helps fight disease
            • Found in: vegtable oils, green leaves, seeds and peanuts
        • K - helps the blood to clot
          • Found in leafy vegs , cheese liver asperagus, liver, coffe, bacon and green tea
      • Minerals
        • Calcuim
          • Strong bones and teeth and healthy muscles + nerves
            • Found in: cheese, milk, bread canned fish, green veg
        • Iron
          • Healthy red blood cells
          • Found in: Red meat, green veg, eggs, bread, fortifies breakfast cerals
        • Soduim
          • Healthy nerves and muscles
          • Found in: salt, ready- prepared foods, soya sauce, cheese and bacon
          • Too much salt is bad for the heart - high blood pressure
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