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  • Nutrition
    • Different people have different energy requirements
      • The amount of energy you need each day depends on your body mass "weight" and level of activity
      • The heavier and the more active you are, the more energy you will need
    • You can work out your daily basic energy requirement...
      • Every cell in your body needs energy. So the bigger you are the more cells you have and the more energy you'll need
      • You also need energy to move and it takes more energy to move a bigger mass
      • For every kg of body mass you need 5.4kj of energy every hour. This is the basic energy requirement needed to maintain essential bodily functions.
        • Daily BER (kj/day) = 5.4 x 24hours x body mass (kg)
    • You can work out how much extra energy you need for activities
      • The more active you are the more energy you will need
      • For example a 60kg person will use about 400jk walking for half an hour but 1500jk running for half an hour
      • To find out how much energy you need in a day you have to add together your daily BER and the extra energy you use in your activities
    • An unbalanced diet can cause health problems
      • Obesity
        • If you take in more energy from your diet than you use up your body will store the extra energy as fat - so you will put on weight
        • If you weigh over 20% more than the recommended weight for your height than you are classed as obese
        • Obesity can lead to health problems such as high blood pressure and heart disease
      • Starvation and deficiency diseases
        • Some people don't get enough food to eat - this is starvation
        • The effects of starvation include slow growth (in children), being more likely to get infections and irregular periods for women
        • Some people don't get enough vitamins or minerals - this can cause deficiency diseases.


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