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  • Nutrition
    • Carbohydrates
      • Provide fuel and energy to the body
      • Help us to grow
      • Potatoes, bread, and cereal
    • Proteins
      • Vital for growth and repair
      • Meat, fish, and eggs
    • Fats
      • Act as a store of energy
      • Use the energy from fats when we run out of carbohydrates
      • Butter, cooking oil, and cream
    • Vitamins
      • Needed in small amounts
      • Help vital processes to happen
      • Fruit, veg, and cereal
    • Minerals
      • Needed for the blood, bones, nerves and whatnot
      • Found in meat, dairy, and salt
    • Fibre
      • Helps the digestive system
      • Veg, oats, fruit
    • Water
      • 75% of your body is water
      • Chemical reactions take place in water


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