Cell Structure (Nucleus)

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  • Nucleus
    • 10microm (largest organelle)
    • Structures and Functions
      • control cellular activites
        • ex: hereditary metabolism reproduction
      • nucleolus
        • synthesizes rRNA and ribosomes
      • nucleoplasm (nuclear sap)
      • chromatin
        • DEF: a string of DNA  wrapped around histone protein
        • heterochromatin
          • DEF: densely coiled and condensed chromatin
        • euchromatin
          • DEF: uncoiled chromatin
          • contains genes that can be expressed
        • contains genes
      • nuclear pores
        • perforated membrane layer
        • controls entry and exit of substances in and out of nucleus
      • inner + outer membrane
        • forms nuclear envelope
          • double membrane layer
    • double membrane layer
    • perforated membrane layer


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