Nuclear waste

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  • Nuclear waste
    • Current management of the nuclear waste
      • This organisation is responsible for disposing all nuclear waste within the UK
      • Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA)
      • High Level Waste (HLW) is stored as liquid in water-cooled, stainless steel tanks or as glass blocks, and needs thick concrete walls to shield operators from the high radiation
      • Low Level Waste (LLW) is sent to the national LLW Repository near Drigg in Cumbria or in certain cases to specific landfill sites soon after it is produced
      • Intermediate Level Waste (ILW) is stored in tanks, vaults and drums, with most waste requiring concrete to shield operators from the radiation
    • Arising issues
      • Long-term safety concerns especially leukemia and cancer
      • The potential of reducing tourism in areas
      • Noise and disruption caused during construction
      • Worry that the site may become a target for terriorism
      • Potential contamination of water supplies
      • The "hiding and forgetting" syndrome
    • Why is it an issue?
      • This material will therefore remain radioactive for a very long time
      • Nuclear waste has a long half-life with the half-life being measured in millions of years
      • Transport of the nuclear waste is also another problem with specifically designed railway containers being constructed for just such a job
    • Future management
      • Committee on Radioactive Waste Management (COWRM)
      • They recommend that storing waste underground like many other countries do is a good idea
      • They recommend a depth of 200-1000 meters is safe and 30% of the land surface lies above the suitable rock fromations
      • Having a layer of crsuhed rock will be a far better method of waste disposal
    • What makes a good dumping site?
      • The availability of technology to ensure safe management of the waste
      • Low chance of pressure group acitivty
      • Good transport links for transporting the waste long-distances
      • The ground must be stable so that there is little chance of ground displacement
      • If a place has low employment figures then waste disposal will create employment
      • The availability of land


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