Nuclear Radiation

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  • Nuclear Radiation
    • Uses
      • Beta and Gamma rays used for medical tracers
        • Penetrate through skin and body tissue
        • Short half life - no damage
      • Gamma Radiation used for industrial tracers
        • If there is a crack high reading shown
        • Short half life - no damage
      • Gamma rays are used for radiotherapy
        • Gamma zaps the cells to destroy the tumour
      • Radioactive dating
        • C-14 gets trapped in the dead material
        • Tells you the age of dead material
        • Number of half lives of C-14 have passed
        • Ratio between C-14 and C-12
    • Risks
      • Beta and Gamma - dangerous outside the body
      • Alpha dangerous inside the body - strong ionising
      • Cells mutations cause uncontrollable dividing - cancer
      • More exposure = more risk
    • Reducing risks
      • Lead suits, screens and boxes
      • Minimise exposure
      • Avoid skin contact and looking at it
      • Robot arms


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