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  • Nuclear Power
    • Won't respond to sudden demand
    • Explosion  in Chernobyl, Ukraine spread radiation across Europe and killed around 30 people.
    • Increases the threat of terrorism
    • Uranium + Plutonium are the raw materials used in the production
    • Extracted by opencast or underground mining or in-situ leaching
    • Can improve energy security
    • The production of it releases very little greenhouse gases
      • However transportation and mining of it do cause greenhouse gases
    • Has to be shut down for at least 1 month every 2 years for maintanence
    • High quantities of uranium and plutonium found in Australia and Canada
      • Stable countries  unlike the Middle East where much oil is imported from
    • Inspected to increase by nearly 50%, especially in India and China
      • China is intending to build 32 new nuclear power stations by 2020
    • Nuclear waste remains active for many thousands of years
    • France relies on nuclear power for 79% of its energy production
    • May increase the development of nuclear weapons if nuclear material becomes more readily available
    • Lots of reserves available as not many countries currently use it


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