Nuclear Fission & Fusion

AQA seperate science - Physics 2B - atoms and electricity.

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  • Nuclear Fission
  • Chain Reactions
  • Nuclear Fusion
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  • Nuclear Fission & Fusion
    • Fission
      • In a nuclear reactor, a controlled chain reaction takes place in which atomic nuclei split up and release energy in the form of heat.
        • This heat is used to make steam which makes a turbine spin and generate electricity
      • Chain Reactions
        • 1) For fission to happen a slow moving neutron has to be absorbed into a uranium or plutonium  nucleus
          • By adding another neutron you make the nucleus unstable, causing it to split
          • 2) Each time a uranium or plutonium nucleus splits up it gets rid or a few neutrons one of which might hit another nucleus and cause it to split.
            • 3) When a large atom splits it forms two smaller nuclei
              • These nuclei are normally unstable as they dont have the right number of neutrons.
              • 4) A nucleus splitting gives out lots of energy
                • 5) The main problem with nuclear power is the
                  • 6) Nuclear fuel is cheap but additional costs e.g the power plant makes it very expensive
                    • 7) Nuclear power carries the risk of radiation leaks.
        • 7) Nuclear power carries the risk of radiation leaks.
    • Fusion
      • Joining together
      • Two light nuclei can join together to make one big nucleus
      • Fusion releases a lot of energy
        • Scientists are trying to use nuclear fusion to generate electricity
      • Doesn't cause radiation
      • Uses hydrogen which we have large amounts of
      • Can only be created at really high tempreatures
        • (10,000,000*)
      • You need a huge magnetic field to cope with the high pressure and tempreature
        • COSTLY
          • Can only be created at really high tempreatures
            • (10,000,000*)


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