The Family Roles

The different roles within the family, and different theories and studys involving the family

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  • The Family
    • Roles of parents are bread-winner and housewife
      • Women are the housewives
      • Men are the Bread-winners
    • Warm Bath Theory
      • Parsons
      • Husband does the hard labour jobs as they are biologically suited to do so
      • Women stay at home to be the emotional and expressive jobs as this is what they are biologically suited to
      • The Husband should come home after a long day at work to a stress free household
    • Conjugal Roles
      • Segregated
        • Where the jobs around the house are stereotypically  allocated
      • Integrated
        • Where there are very few divisions between tasks in the household
    • Feminists
      • Believe that the family is a place of inequality
    • Impact of Paid Work
      • Anne Oakly
        • Found that when she looked at what men did, it was jobs such as a walk in the park with the children or making breakfast on occasion
      • Man- Yee Kan
        • Wives that went to work did 83% of housework those who worked part time still did 82%
        • wives who worked full time did 73% housework


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