nuclear warfare

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  • Nuclear Warfare
    • Explain why many Christians think that Nuclear warfare is wrong.
      • Suffering and death
      • Long term effects
      • "Do not kill"
      • "Love your enemy"
      • Its against the just war theory
      • Harms the innocent
      • Damages the environment
      • does not show sterwardship
    • Explain briefly why some people might agree with the use of nuclear weapons
      • shortens the war
      • less lives lost than dragging
      • modern weapons make it easier to target
      • and limit damage
      • less risk of harming non combatants
      • acts as a deterrent
      • "an eye for an eye"
    • Nuclear war is always wrong
      • Agree
        • loss of life
        • end of the world as we know it
        • long term effects
        • love thy nieighbour/ememy
        • ruin gods creation
      • Disagree
        • modern weapons
        • shortens war
        • leads to a better future
    • The money spent on nuclear weapons should be used instead on protecting the environment.
      • Disagree
        • acts as a detterent
        • getting rid increases vunerability
        • protection
        • shortens the war
        • an eye for an eye
      • Agree
        • wrong to spend money on something that if used will damage the environment and put an end to life as we know it.
        • Not good stewardship of money to be used for destruction rather than conservation
        • God put humans in charge of the world and we are meant to exercise that duty responsibly
        • "do not kill"


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