Nuclear Radiation In Medicine

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  • Nuclear Radiation In Medicine
    • Tracers (monitor organs)
      • Trace flow of a substance through an organ.
      • Gamma radiation emitted and detected outside body.
        • Half-life is 8 days.
          • Decays into a stable product.
    • Gamma Cameras (medical imaging)
      • Inject patient with gamma emitting isotopes.
        • Short half-life so nuclei mostly decay after taking image.
      • Solution absorbed by organ and detected by camera.
    • Gamma radiation (treat cancer)
      • Narrow beam that destroys cancerous cells.
      • Gamma radiation is more penetrating than alph and beta.
        • Half-life 5 years.
    • Radioactive implants (treat cancer)
      • Destroy cancer cells and some tumors.
      • Beta or gamma emitting isotopes.
        • Short half-life.


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