NRTs could possibly undermine the equal dignity of individuals

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  • NRTs could undermine the equal dignity of individuals
    • Alex was 28 years old when she was diagnosed with cancer and in turn made her infertile.
      • Alex’s twin donated one of her eggs to her sister and gave her and her husband the chance to start a family that cancer took away from them.
    • These NRTs are allowing same-sex couples the chance to have biological children such as tom Daley and Dustin lance-black
      • The cost is great and can be damaging
    • Some of these NRTs are going too far such as cloning and designer babies.
      • With this many things can go wrong.
      • Dolly the sheep
    • Could surrogacy be a destruction of women’s rights as they are just a vessel made just to carry babies.
      • With these advancements and experimentations is it the destruction of the personhood argument
    • HFEA is the only board that governs these experiments
      • Allows the testing and experimenting on embryos up until 14 days
        • Where do we draw the line


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