Nouns,Adjectives,Verbs and Sentences.

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  • Nouns, Adjectives, Verbs and Sentences.
    • Nouns
      • Abstract Nouns: Names for ideas and emotions. 'Freedom' 'Truth'
      • Concrete Nouns: Names for things that are visible. 'Table' 'Chair'
      • Proper Nouns: Names of people and places. 'London' 'The Bible' 'Jane'
      • Collective Nouns: Refers to a group of people/things. 'Family' 'Team'
    • Adjectives
      • Adjective: A class of words used to modify nouns. 'Happy' 'Big' 'Red'
      • Comparative Adjectives: Adjective indicated by '-er' suffix or by the adverb 'more'. Makes something more positive/negative. 'Bigger'
      • Superlative Adjectives: A form of gradable, expressing the highest degree. Formed with '-est' or 'most' or 'worst'.
    • Verbs
      • Verb: Class of words that refer to actions, events and states.
      • Auxiliary Verb: A 'helping' verb/ 'Have' 'Be' 'Do'
      • Modal Auxiliary Verb: Adds subtle shades of meaning. Often suggests possibility/probability. 'Must' 'Ought to'
      • Stative Verb: Type of verb which expressed a mental action. 'Know' 'Thought'
      • Dynamic Verb: Type of verb which expresses a physical action. 'Walk' 'Jump'
    • Sentences
      • Agent: Named person in a sentence who carries out the action.
      • Subject: Main focus of a sentence.
      • Object: Thing/person who receives the action.
      • Active Sentence: Acts as a subject. 'Ben kicked Adam'
      • Passive Sentence: Acts as an object. 'Adam was kicked by Ben'.


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