Framework: Nouns (Concrete/Abstract and Proper/Common)

A brief summary and to-the-point description of the four types of nouns: concrete/abstract and proper/common nouns. 

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  • Lexis
    • Specific and non-specific
      • Proper Noun
        • E.g. the Big Ben is a clock-tower in London.
          • Big Ben and London is a proper noun
        • Always capitalised in sentences
      • Common Noun
        • E.g. The birds flew in flocks.
          • bird is a common noun.
        • Only capitalised when in the beginning of a sentence.
    • Touchable and untouchable
      • Abstract Noun
        • Untouchable
        • E.g. Feelings: homesick, sad, happy, joy, anger
          • The feelings listed are all abstract nouns because you couldn't touch it in the real world.
      • Concrete Noun
        • E.g. The wood is stiff
          • Wood is a concrete noun because you could actually touch it.
        • Touchable
    • Noun


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