Nostalgia- Carol Ann Duffy

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  • Nostalgia
    • Stanza 1
      • "mercenaries"
        • Collective noun: leaving home to fight for money
      • "dull crude coins"
        • alliteration: is the money  worth the pain they are now experiencing?
      • "strange"
        • pre-modifying adjective: emphasises the unfamilarity of new place - it is unknown
    • Stanza 2
      • "It was given a name"
        • restricted- no freedom/choice
      • "hearing tell of it"
        • not exposed to the truth- sense of mystery...
      • "sweet pain"
        • contrasting ideas- Juxtaposition- not always negetive.
      • "the music of home-the sad pipes-summoning"
        • pace slows down- to make the reader think? Ceasura
    • Stanza 3
      • "but the word was out"
        • Permanant- no going back. Nostalgia- connective/declarative sentence
      • "scent of her youth"
        • Personification/metephor
      • "same street" "same sign" "same bell"
        • repetition- Synthesia/ anaphora
      • "colour of leaves"
        • time is moving on- changing of seasons.
    • Themes: Time/Memory/Power of language
    • Context: "Nostalgia" a term used to describe a longing for the past or to return to a familiar place such as home.


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