northern earls

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  • northern earls revolt
    • why rebel
      • they wanted England to be catholic
      • they had lost a lot of influence at court under Elizabeth
      • refusal to name heir have children and marry
    • rebels
      • thomas+ann percy earl of northumberland, catholic
      • Charles neville, earl of westmorland
      • Jane neville wife of charles sister of duke of norfolk sister
      • mary queen of scots
      • Thomas Howard duke of norfolk, protestant, plan to marry mary queen of scots
    • marrige plan
      • mary would marry thomas  and become queen
      • duke was arrested as robert dudley told elizabeth of the plot
    • progress of the revolt
      • northumberland and westmorland continued the revolt
      • elizabeth moved mary to coventry
      • support from spain never arrived
    • why did the revolt fail?
      • spain never arrived
      • many northern landowners remain loyal to elizabeth
      • many landowners did not want to lose their wealth
    • revolts significance
      • mary queen of scots could not be trusted
      • the pope excommunicated elizabeth
      • the loyalty of the catholics were questioned
      • elizabeth's control over the north was strengthened


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