Normans - Golden Age?


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  • Was Anglo-Saxon England a 'golden age'?
    • Society
      • Women
        • Fines for sexual harassment of women
        • they had the legal right to leave their husband if they committed adultery
        • divorce was very rare - likely because women would be frowned upon or were too scared
        • had the legal right to own land - they lost this however in 1066
        • in charge of their household stores and money
        • 5% of all land in England was owned by women - mostly through marriage to Earls
        • there were 'double monasteries' where nuns and monks would pray and worship side by side with the women in charge - they more or less ended in 1000
    • Religion
    • Culture
      • Art
        • The Alfred Jewel
          • many see it as the single most impressive work of art from Anglo-Saxon times
          • made of gold and thought to have belonged to a monastery
        • The Fuller Brooch
          • made of silver and represents the five senses
          • very rare as many precious items such as this were stolen from England by Vikings and then Normans who dazzled at their beauty
        • a Norman chronicler described English men as 'outstandingly skilful in the arts and also said women were highly skilful in weaving with gold as is seen in the Bayeux Tapestry
      • Literature
        • the poem Boewulf was hugely popular and is still widely read today
        • monks wrote a history of Britain starting with the arrival of Julius Caesar
          • tends to be biased but nevertheless is still a valuable source and shows Britain's growing sense of identity as a nation
      • Buildings
        • one 11th century writer compared described a nunnery with the temple of Solomon from the Bible which had fine wooden carving and plasterwork, a winding staircase, precious stones and golden ornaments
        • church-building wasn't the Anglo-Saxons greatest achievement except from Westminster Abbey which King Edward spent his last years making as splendid as he could in the popular Norman style in an effort to show Anglo-Saxon was one of the great nations of Europe


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