Norman Rebellions

Norman Rebellions 

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  • Norman Rebellions
    • 1067
      • Eustace of Boulogne's Rebellion
        • wanted Dover + more land, tried to take Dover castle whilst William in Normandy. Crushed by Odo's men + Eustace fled to France
      • Eadric The Wild's Rebellion
        • looted + pillaged Hereford, quick and decisive action from William. Eadric fled with booty
    • 1068
      • Gyrtha's Rebellion
        • holds Exeter for 18 days but surrender to William (Gyrtha not punished)
      • Harold's Son's Rebellion
        • gathers irish forces + lands ships in Bristol
        • William tells locals to rise against them or will take away land - Eadric of Staller (English sheriff) did
    • Northern Rebellions 68/9
      • Edwin of Mercia angry when can't marry William's daughter
        • Morcar sacked + replaced by Robert Comines as punishment
      • 1069
        • Edgar Atheling, Waltheof + Gospatrick burn down Bishop of Durham's house with Robert Comines inside
        • spreads to York - coalition against Normans + contact Sweign of Denmark who sends 240 ships
        • contacts King Malcolm Canmore (Scotland)
        • William bribes Sweign to go away, harrys North
          • stage 1 of harrying 1069 harrys nottingham to york (burns down york)
          • stage 2 harrying 1070, men fan out in york + harry shire, burning and killing animals, men, children and women left to starve.
    • 1070/71
      • East Anglian Rebellion
        • Hereward the Wake (grudge against Normans for repossessionof lands)
        • coalition of Edwin, Morcar and invited Sweign. Based Ely abbey + take over Peterborough
        • Hereward never caught, Morcar captured + put in tower, Edwin fled to midlands and his men killed him


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