Norman Kenilworth

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  • Norman Kenilworth
    • Why was it built?
      • In the centre of the country
      • well connected to the road system of the time
      • Supplies and troops could be easily brought to and dispatched from there
      • Close to Coventry - important medieval city - market for the castle to trade goods
      • Close to border of Wales - important defensive position
      • Good to  intimidate and monitor the Earl of Warwick
      • On a hill surrounded by flat land. In a strong defensive position.
    • De Clinton
      • Chamberlain and treasurer to Henry I.
      • Built it in the 1120's
      • Fell out with Henry in 1130
      • Got money from Henry to build
      • Built the keep and inner wall
    • Significant features
      • Keep
        • Small windows
        • Three floors with regular shape
        • Built to be formidable and frightening
        • Used for admin, living and entertainment
        • Only proper building at the time
      • Outer wall
        • Used for defence
        • Causeway led into it
        • Created a bailey area for garrisons of troops
        • Made a courtyard


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