Norman Conquest: Norman Background

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  • Norman Conquest: Norman Background
    • The Feudal System.
      • In the feudal system land was given in return for loyalty.
      • People such as knights would swear allegiance to the king
        • land was then granted to them in return for using their armies in battle.
      • the king did have his own army which he would use when necessary.
    • Normandy
      • Normandy was fairly strong and had a successful base.
        • Normandy had stone churches and fine monasteries, contrasting England's wooden ones.
      • they secured their land by conquest and marriage alliances.
      • they used brutal force against rebellions
      • trusted men were chosen as local lords .
      • Normandy was a settled area, it was wealthy, had a firm government, efficient taxation and strong trading links.
    • Knights
      • Norman knights were very well educated.
      • armour, weapons and full time soldiers were given to local supporters of the king.
      • with chainmail, swords and shields, norman soldiers were very advanced compared to english soldiers.
      • Norman Knights were also able to master the art of horseback riding, this provided strength and force in battles.
        • Knights fought on horseback, but would lean out whilst still sat on the saddle to attack.
    • castles
      • Normans were well known for their defensive use of castles, particularly motte and bailey.
        • Motte and Bailey castles kept knights safe, providing a place for dominating an area.
        • ringwork castles are very similar in this respect, but the entrance was a big weakness.
      • castles could be built quickly, knights could set locals to construct a basic fortress in a few days. larger fortresses would take months.


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