Normal Distribuations

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  • Normal Distributions
    • Properties
      • mean=mode=median
      • x axis is an asymptote
      • goes from  -? to ? 
      • area = 1
      • symmetrical
    • +1SD= 65%   +2SD= 95%  +3SD= 99%
    • To Standardised
      • the random variable X that has a normal distribution with mean µ and standard deviation    can be represented by
      • X ~ N(µ,  )
      • standardised graph is Z ~ N(0,1)
      • to get standard sub numbers into formula
        • (X-  )   =Z
    • once you have the standardised form you can use the table to find the area
    • when using the table you get the value of the area to the left
    • the smaller table is the area to the right of the line and can be used for percentages


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