Norfolk - Depostional

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  • Norfolk - lowland depositional
    • Cromer Ridge is a ridge of old glacial moraines (terminal moraine) that stands next to the coast above Cromer
    • Cromer Ridge seems to have been the front line of the ice sheet for some time at the last glaciation (the Devensian Glaciation), which is shown by the large size of the feature.
    • All the material that was dredged up from the North Sea was poured out of the glaciers to form a ridge.
    • It forms some of the highest ground within the county and in places rises to over 50 m above surrounding land 
    • The ridge intersects the east coast between Trimingham and Overstrand, where it can be identified in the cliffs, and traced westwards for 15 km to Sheringham. 
    • When glacial ice melts, different types of rock are laid down that have been carried along by the glacier. Piles of these deposits are called moraines.
      • Terminal moraines are found at the terminus or the furthest (end) point reached by a glacier.


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