Non-sociological theories of crime and deviance

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  • Non-sociological explanations of crime and deviance
    • Lombroso 1836-1909 a biological perspective
      • Found clear physical differences in criminals
        • Large skulls extra toes, fingers and *******!
        • Primitive throwback
    • Psychological perspectives
      • emphasise different mental characteristics of deviants
      • Look at things such as inteligence levels and personalities
    • Eysenck
      • Two main personality types, Extrovert and introvert
        • Extrovert-  aggressive, loud, leader, outgoing, enthusiastic
        • Introverts- shy, passive, withdrawn, hard worker
        • Extroverts more likely to be criminal, find it difficult to learn rules
    • Sociological explanations tend to focus on social aspects of crime


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