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This is a Mind-Map Showing the Techiques Magazines use

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  • Non-Fiction
    • Alliteration
      • Repeating the consonant sounds at the beginning of words to make them stand out
    • Rhetorical questions
      • Using questions that don’t need an answer to get the audience to think
    • Groups of Three
      • When three adjectives or phrases are used together to make them stand out
    • Exaggeration
      • To go over the top and make things sound better or worse than they are.
    • Emotive language
      • Using words that make people feel sad, angry, upset, sympathetic or guilty
    • Repetition
      • Repeating words or phrases so that they stick in your audience’s mind
    • Colour
      • When you use colour in leaflets , the colour attracts the reader
      • Every colour has a different meaning, For Instance Red can be seen as Love or Danger
    • Images
      • Different Images can show the goodness or Badness of a certain topic
      • A picture which shows people having fun is more persuasive than  picture of someone posting a complaint in the complaint box


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