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  • Non-Ferrous and Alloys
    • Duralium
      • Alloy of aluminum, contains, copper, magnesium and maganese
      • before heat treatment ductile and malleable
        • After heat treatment increase hardness and strenght
    • Copper
      • Very malleable and ductile
      • can be easily soldered and ideal for copper pipes.
    • Brass
      • Is malleable, gold appearance
    • Aluminum
      • Made from Bauxite ore
      • Low melting point
      • Very malleable and does not corrode
    • Stainless Steel
      • Is an alloy, contains, iron steel, chromium and nickel
      • cutlery, saucepans and hospital equipment
    • Zinc
      • Ideal for outdoor use, doesnt corrode
      • usually added to steel= galvanizing, stops rusting


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