Non Commercial Printing Methods

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  • Non Commercial Printing Methods
    • Type Script
      • Not used anymore, old documents
      • Similar to letter press
      • Poorly defined edges
      • Defects from physical damage
    • Dot Matrix Printers
      • Becoming obsolete
      • Pins impact into inked ribbon
      • Individual dots not always visible under microscope
      • Stepping on diagonals
      • Impressions on paper from physical impact
    • Inkjet Printers
      • Liquid ink ejected from nozzle
      • Characters formed by series of over lapping dots
      • Colours mixed from these colours
        • C (Cyan)
        • Y (Yellow)
        • M (Magenta)
        • Colour components visible under microscope
      • No impressions on paper
      • Satellite dots
    • Laser Printing/ Photocoping
      • Method
        • 2. Charge removed by laser on non print areas
        • 4. Transferred to paper and fused by heat/ pressure
      • Solid characters , raised above surface- glossy appearance
      • No impressions on paper
      • Photocopy
        • Gripper marks
        • Speckled appearance
        • Damage to drum
          • Chips and dirt on glass
    • Pens
      • Ballpoint
        • Striations, rapid movements, lower ink density on parts of ink line
      • Roller Ball Pen
        • Ink density greater and more uniform
      • Fibre tip pen
        • Variable ink density especially on the up stroke. Rapid movement- width variation
      • Fountain pen
        • Diffusion of ink seen under microscope
      • Pencil
        • Not commonly encountered in document analysis
        • Irregularities in surface of the paper-dry writing method
    • Paper
      • Wood Pulp (West)
      • Grass Pulp (Africa)
        • Sizing agent fills gaps between fibres
          • Wood Pulp (West)
      • Optical brightness added 1950- Fluorescence under UV
      • Fluorescent fibres added to non florescent paper, usually seen on  important documents such as MOT certificates, currency etc


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