Non-verbal communication

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  • Non-verbal communication
    • Sending or receiving of wordless messages
    • Written
    • Gestures
      • Understanding of cultural norms with regard to gestures, what is acceptable and unacceptable, not causing offense
    • Posture
      • Positive and negative
    • Facial expressions
      • Reading facial expressions can be effective as writing
      • Expression should match the conversation
    • Body language
    • Sets the tone of the conversation
    • Interpret emotions
    • Physical communication
    • Physical contact
      • Responding to an individual
      • Take into consideration;  Cultural variations, individual preferences, individuals with mental illness
    • Eye contact
      • Positive use of eye contact
    • Kinesis
      • The study of non-verbal communication
    • Proxemics
      • The amont of physical space between you and the person you are speaking to
    • Signs, symbols and pictures
    • Approirate use of touch
    • Personal apperance
    • Hand and head movement
    • Intimate zone
    • Personal zone
    • Social zone
    • Public zone


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