Non Renewable Energy Sources

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  • Non-Renewable Energy Sources
    • Natural Gas
      • Advantages
        • Safely and easily stored
        • Less costly than other fossil fuels.
      • Disadvantages
        • Also emits greenhouse gases
        • Mining it can cause damage to ecosystems.
      • Gas: Utility in the UK
        • Fracking annoys people and does damage.
        • However at the moment, we rely heavily on Gas.
    • Oil
      • Advantages
        • Has a high energy density.
        • Accessible and Inexpensive
      • Disadvantages
        • Oil is a Source of Air, Water and Soil Pollution
        • High levels of emissions
      • Oil: Utility in the UK
        • There is an estimated 20 Billion barrels offshore in Britain.
        • However they rely on heavy exports from Norway.
    • Coal
      • Advantages
        • Very affordable because of its abundance
        • Easily Burnt
      • Disadvantages
        • Releases Greenhouse gases into the environment
        • Coal mines cause relocation and destruction
      • Coal: Utility for the UK
        • A lot of our coal mines have run out
        • We have to export it from the Middle East
    • Nuclear
      • Advantages
        • Comparatively low carbon footprint.
        • Very reliable source of power.
      • Disadvantages
        • Can be harmful to the environment. (pollution)
        • Contributes to Climate Change
      • Nuclear: Utility in the UK
        • It Requires huge power plants which take up space and take years to build.
        • However this could help the economy with jobs etc.


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