Non- religious reasons for believing in life after death

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  • Non- religious reasons for believing in life after death
    • Near-death experiences
      • This is when people are clinically dead for a time and then come back to life and can remember what happened to them
      • Main features
        • Feeling of peace
        • Floating above the body
        • Seeing a bright light
        • Entering a Heavenly place where they see dead relatives or Jesus
      • Conclusion: if this is true then there must be life after death
    • Evidence of a spirit world
      • Main evidence is mediums rather than ghosts and ouija boards
      • A medium is someone who can contact the spirit world
      • Contact with dead people reveals things about them only their relatives would know, so spirits must exist to tell them these things
    • Evidence of reincarnation
      • People remembering previous lives and souls being reborn into another body
      • If reincarnation is true then it is evidence for life after death


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