Non-religious argument - genetic engineeing

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  • Non-religious argument - genetic engineeing
    • For
      • Offers the prospect of cures
      • It's done in other countries and so it avaliable for those rich enough to travel
      • Cloning processes have been used to grow healthy cells  to replace malfunctioning ones and cure disease
      • Cloning using animal eggs does not involve any loss of human life
      • It is an integral part of medical research
        • It is monitored by law and has benefits
    • Against
      • There is not enough information about long term consequeneces
      • It has effects which would be irreversible
      • It places too much power in the hands of scientists and it could be used to create scientifically human beings
      • It treats the human body as a commodity no different from plants
      • It offers the possibility of people having to be genetically screened before getting life insurance, senior jobs. Anyone likely to develop an illness or die young could lose out


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