Antigone Nomos and dike

Antigone = A, Creon = C, Ismene = I

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  • Nomos vs Dike
    • Prologue
      • Even if A dies 'that death will be a glory'
      • A 'Dear god, shout it from the rooftops' Confidence
    • Ep.1
      • 'Whoever proves his loyalty to the state' prized in death & life
      • Chorus hesitant 'the power is yours I suppose'
      • Chorus suggest Gods buried Polynices
        • C disagrees, why help traitor?
    • Ep. 2
      • 'No napping... not this time' A devoted, few times
      • A to C no 'mere mortal could override the Gods'
        • A 'death longs for the same rites for all.' C 'Never the same for the patriot and the traitor'
      • A refuses to let I share blame
    • Ep 3
      • 'Whoever steps out of line...he'll win no prize from me'


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