Unit 3: Noise Pollution 2

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  • Noise Pollution
    • Transport
      • Controls
        • Quieter vehicle design - acoustic insulation around engine and quiet exhaust pipes
        • Quieter roads - sound absorbing materials
        • Rerouteing traffic to avoid sensitive (residential) areas
        • Traffic management produced free-flow traffic - reduces louder noise during acceleration
        • Double glazing
        • Fences, walls embankments and trees absorb road noise
        • Rail transport over road transport
    • Aircrafts
      • Military airfields are in rural areas - minimal pollution
        • Most problems by low-level training flights - high risk groups warned e.g. farmers
      • Civil airlines cause little pollution except at landing or take off - high altitudes
      • Airports often near urban areas - pollution problems
      • Controls
        • Engine design - large diameter jets and quiet turbines
        • Airport layouts - locating taxi areas away from houses
        • Earth embankments
        • New airports built in rural areas
        • Noisy aircrafts banned
        • Altered flight paths - away from houses
        • Controlled flight times
        • Changing rate of climb after take off (steeper flights nosier but affect smaller areas)


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